Favorite Opening in a Book

I’m starting a new series of blog posts in which I ask you to post your favorites–favorite opening, favorite hero, favorite heroine.  You get the picture. Today we kick it off by writing your favorite opening.  It can come from your book or manuscript or from another author.

My favorite opening is from my very first book, “A Taste of Scandal” (coming soon to Amazon).

Stalked by that most fearsome creature of the Beau Monde, a matchmaking mother, Lord Lindsey didn’t think, he ran, dignity be damned. Ignoring greetings along the way, he dodged and weaved through the merry throng of revelers in Lady Twynham’s ballroom toward side doors which opened out to a flagstone terrace, dashed down the steps to the lawn and reentered the mansion into a quiet hallway which he knew from previous visits led to his hostess’s library. He’d whiled away a pleasant hour or two there in the past, not always in intellectual pursuit.

He counted doors along the corridor, opened the third on the left and slipped into the book room. A cheery fire greeted him, one which burned in a small, but adequate, fireplace and lent sufficient illumination to guide his way. He was reaching for a Greek version of Odysseus when a rustle emanated from the opposite side of the room.

He was not alone.

Searching the shadows, he discovered a female reclining in a wingback chair, book in hand, titian hair piled up in some sort of artful arrangement with the au courant curls cascading across creamy shoulders. He recognized her gown, in a shade the fashionable world had named verdant spring, chartreuse jonquil, or some other silly name, to be all the rage. Ribbons trailed from a handsome bosom which owed nothing to artifice; he’d undressed enough women to know the difference between illusion and truth. The color of her eyes was harder to discern, not only because of the relative darkness of the room, but because the lady in question wore spectacles. He had no trouble discerning their expression, though. Bemused would cover it nicely.


Hope you enjoyed this little teaser!


“To Pluck a Rose” a finalist in the Royal Ascot Contest!

Just wanted to let everyone know that “To Pluck a Rose” finaled in the Beau Monde’s 2012 Royal Ascot Contest.  So, so thrilled about this!

The entry now goes to the final judges, three agents and three editors, who will choose a winner.

Read more about it here: